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Over the years, Mark has received numerous awards from many culinary and environmentally-conscious organizations. For the last 25+ years, Mark has made a tremendous impact on the local, sustainable and natural foods movement. As a member of the American Natural Foods Team, his team received two Gold metals, a Silver and a Bronze in the Culinary Olympics in Germany. As a vegetarian team battling against 60 countries in all genres of food, bringing home the Gold metal for the USA, was a defining moment in Mark’s culinary career.


In June 2010, Mark had the high honor of being invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama and is currently involved in the “Chefs Move To School” initiative that works directly with schools across the country to help bring the awareness of healthier food choices to children. His vision is to give kids and adults an interactive and thought-provoking way to educate them about the importance of nutritious foods and organic, sustainable farming.


In 2013 he was named and awarded the “Chef Hero Award” for his achievements as a chef and restauranteur. He is carrying that title forward by continuing to work with public schools and charitable organizations to spread the mission of sustainability and the importance of a plant-based lifestyle. In addition, Chef Mark has had the honor of serving his conscious cuisine to many celebrities over the years including Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Billy Joel, Chrissie Hynde, Danny DeVito, Moby, Kevin Costner and LA’s Chef, Tal Ronnen, to name a few.


When Chef Mark is not cooking at G-Zen or GMonkey, or co-authoring his latest cookbook, he can be found working on his sustainable farm, Shadle Farm, in Durham, CT;  harvesting tropical plantings in Culebra, Puerto Rico; spending time with his family; developing and testing recipes with his wife and co-founder, Ami Beach Shadle; lecturing about a sustainable lifestyle; or teaching cooking classes.

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Raw Radiance

Curried Nut Pate

House Made 

Peanut Cilantro Dressing

Fresh  Greens

From Shadle Farm

House Made

Fermented Sauerkraut

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